Clause of Condition

Clause of Condition

Clause yang menunjukkan adanya persyaratan antara dua kejadian (peristiwa) yang berhubungan. Biasanya dibuat dengan menggunakan conjunctions seperti if, even if, unless, in the even that, or in even that, in case, provided (that), providing (that), on condition that, if only, suppose (that), supposing (that), dll.


* If I see him, I will invite him to the party tomorrow.
* She would forgive her husband everything, if only he would come back to her.
* Suppose (that) your house burns down, do you have enough insurance to cover such a loss.
* In case a robbery occurs in the hotel, the management must be notified at once.
* The company will agree to arbitration on condition (that) the strike is called off at once.
* We should be able to do the job for you quickly, provided (that) you give us all the necessary information.

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