Degree of Comparison

1. Equal Comparison

As + adjectives + as

* This book is as cheap as mine
* You are as beautiful as my mother

2. Comparative (Tingkat Lebih)

Comparative + than

* Your house is bigger than mine
* She is more beautiful than her sister

3. Superlative (Tingkat Paling)

The + superlative

* She is the best student in the class.
* Mr. William is the oldest teachers at school.

4. Parallel Comparison


* The + comparative, the + comparative (semakin…, semakin…)
* Comparative and comparative (makin lama makin …)

* The harder you study, the better chance you’ll get (makin keras kamu belajar, makin baik pula peluang yang akan kamu peroleh)
* You look more and more beautiful (kamu makin lama makin cantik)
* You are better and better (Kamu makin lama makin bagus saja)

5. Logical Comparison

a. Possessive

* Henry’s salary is much higher than Alex’s
* My mother gets better than yours

b. That of

* The climate in Bandung is as mild as that of in Palembang (that of = the climate of)

c. Those of

* The duties of a driver are much more dangerous than those of a teacher

d. Any

* Mary is smarter than anybody else in the class.
* Bali is smaller than any other province in Indonesia.

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