Simple Adverbs

Simple Adverbs

Golongan ini terbagi lagi menjadi:

1). Adverbs of Time (Keterangan Waktu)

Kata keterangan waktu yang sering dipakai adalah: now, then, ago, since, before, already, soon, immediately, instantly, presently, late, lately, early, afterwards, today, yesterday, tomorrow, dsb..

* Press the button now.
* I have never been.
* I tell him daily.

2). Adverbs of Place (Keterangan Tempat)

Adverbs ya ng sering dipakai adalah: here, there, hence, thence, above, below, beside, in, on, inside, outside, far, near, dll.

* Daisies grow everywhere.
* I did not put it there.

3). Adverbs of Number (Kata Keterangan Bilangan)

Adverbs yang sering dipakai adalah: once, twice, thrice, again, firstly, never, often, sometimes, dll

* I go to school five times a week
* You have to take the medicine twice a day.

4). Adverbs of Manner, Quality, State (Kata Keterangan Cara, Kualitas, dan Keadaan)

Adverbs yang sering dipakai adalah: well, seriously, probably, thus, so, dll.

* I can finish the work quickly
* He ran fast

5). Adverbs of Quantity, Extent, Degree (Kata Keterangan Kuantitas, Taraf, Tingkat)

Adverbs yang sering dipakai adalah much, too, enough, very, somewhat, rather, completely, dll.

* You are quite right
* You are young enough to be an acctress.

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