Infinitive Phrase

Infinitive Phrase

Adalah ungkapan yang mengandung infinitive dan infinitive phrase dapat digunakan/berfungsi sebagai Noun, Adjective atau Adverb.

a. Infinitive phrase sebagai Noun

* To read books means to enlarge one’s horizons.
* To see his children again will make him happy.
* To learn English, you must practice everyday.
* To ask more money would be wrong.
* To do that is difficult for me.

b. Infinitive phrase sebagai Adjective

* He wanted books to juggle acrobatically.
* The poison was strong enough to have killed ten people.
* He is a good man for you to know.

c. Infinitive phrase sebagai Adverb

* He read to enlarge his horizons.
* He has been warned not to do that again.
* I had hoped to see her soon.

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