Rather digunakan sebagai Adverb of Degree. Rather artinya “agak”. Selain itu, rather juga mempunyai arti yang lain. Untuk lebih jelasnya tentang penggunaan dan fungsi rather dalam Bahasa Inggris, silahkan perhatikan penjelasan singkat tentang kata tersebut di bawah ini:

Rather (Agak)

* It’s rather cold/difficult.
* Let me give you a different book – I think you’ll find it rather easier.
* The train was rather too crowded for a comfortable journey.
* The dress was rather more expensive than I was expecting it would be, so I didn’t buy it.
* She answered the telephone rather sleepily.
* I’ve rather foolishly lost their address.
* I rather think you should consider the trouble this decision will cause.
* I rather doubt I’ll be able to come to your party.
* She’s rather an egoistic, don’t you think?
* It’s a rather boring film.

Kalau dipakai dengan ekspresi ide, gagasan yang bersifat positif, rather artinya “Tidak biasa ” atau “Tidak terduga”:

Rather (Sangat)

* I was rather pleased to be invited to the wedding.
* Actually, I did rather well in my exams.
* He’s a rather nice man.
* He’s rather a nice man.

Rather (Lebih Tepatnya)

* She’ll go to London on Thursday, or rather, she will if she has to.
* He’s my sister’s friend really, rather than mine.
* The dress is rather pink than purple.

Rather bisa juga digunakan untuk mengekspresikan sebuah pendapat yang berlawanan.

* The ending of the war is not a cause for celebration, but rather for regret that it ever happened.
* No, I’m not tired. Rather the opposite in fact.

Rather (Lebih Baik)

* I think I’d like to stay at home this evening rather than going out.
* Why don’t you wear the black shoes rather than the brown ones?
* He likes starting early rather than staying late.

Rathey (Ya!, Tentu Saja!)

* “Do you want to come out for dinner with us this evening?” “Rather!”

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